Why is this called "Leica Talk" ?

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Re: Not really a Leica forum

one only has to ask and there are any number of Leica users and experts and collectors etc. here that can answer their questions and stay tuned we do have equipment threads just scroll down to the them they are there sandwiched between a post of images of Bangkok and London and Paris etc.

we do discuss gear but we also do post lots of pics.  If there is any change maybe a button to identify posts as images but thats pretty easy to figure out anyway. if the header says M9 compared to   an Iphone its probably gear. If the header says dogs in a manger its probably not. As I mentioned in a previous post Leica does not really offer anywhere the new products to discuss as the major manufactures so threads about the minutia of your m9 or your URleica. can grow tedious and repetitious quickly. We have an occasional heated discussion but the heat level is not really very high  as there is an amazing amount of respect for one an other here.

I have been in other Leica forums and they are mostly gear but if you look closely you will see their average posts per day are almost always about a tenth or less of what you see here.If you remove all the images you will have a fairly typical Leica forum with three or four or so posts a day. some are busier but in my experience most are not. Even the range finder forum was interesting but agonizingly slow with posters.

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