Artistic Technique Entry 1: The Complex Inversion

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Artistic Technique Entry 1: The Complex Inversion

Over the past few months, I have attempted in vain to inspire the creation of an Abstract or Art for Art's Sake type forum (along with several others).  Since that has not happened, I thought I would offer a mock run through.  In the forum I envision, there would be plenty of opportunities to share photos but, also, there would be threads about a variety of topics including artistic technique.  So, here goes.

The Complex Inversion

It is quite simple to press the inversion feature in one's editor.  The first time I did this, I liked the result and posted it to flickr without any further editing.  That is simple inversion.  Like anything else, I was not satisfied with that and found ways to alter and enhance this initial result and turn it into a first step.  This is an example of simple inversion:

It often has a science fiction feel.  The above is not completely basic.  I have darkened the highlights--a very common second step in a complex inversion.

In this case, I liked the colors.  In many cases, I do not which brings us to the next major step in a complex inversion:  selecting and replacing colors.  This is another easy step in Elements.  I don't know what this is called in other systems.  I just click on replace color and choose a color I want to change.  As I go through the colors, I will adjust hue, saturation, and lightness to taste.  This is an inversion which has gone through the above stages.  Darkening the highlights was essential in getting the darker tones needed for the feel I wanted.

This, again, can be the end of the process.  It depends on what result will be satisfactory to me and stop my tinkering.  The final one I will show required a few more steps.  I had an idea at the start:  I wanted to create a Jackson Pollock-like image.  After going through these steps, I was not quite there. I let the branches needed more detail to resemble the lines of paint and also a little splotchiness to give the drip effect.  So, I went into Color Efex and chose Detail Extractor and then chose the Elements filter, sponge painting.  This also gave me some black which I wanted in the final result:

If anyone has interest in these techniques, I will discuss another type, the monochrome inversion, in another installment.  For all I know, everyone is doing these and my technique is old hat.  Or, they are just too unpleasant to imitate.

If this were an actual thread in a real artistic forum, members could share their own examples and tips and experiments and start their own threads with their own recipes.  Seems like enough for a full scale forum to me.

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