Why is this called "Leica Talk" ?

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Re: Why is this called "Leica Talk" ?

Samaistuin wrote:

I agree with the OP and nobody has actually answered his point.
All his thread got was "sigh", "bye", "but we discuss about pictures" and "good ambience".

I get the feeling Jim is unaware that there are many images posted here made with non-Leica camera bodies with Leica-built or Leica-designed lenses. The Panasonics in particular spring to mind. In this Forum, these have always been considered inclusive - please check the charter. Further, specially mounted Leica lenses on bodies such as Canon and Nikon are welcome for discussion. I expect very soon we'll see many images on the forum taken with Leica lenses using the Sony A7/r bodies.

The remainder of posts of images using non-Leica equipment are actually few and far between. I'm not a big fan of the practise - plenty of Forum members will acknowledge that - as I always thought some day the Forum would be over-run with non-Leica pictures. (A good compromise would be a general, on-going thread for non-Leica images...) At present this is not an issue; the Leica Forum has yet to turn into a gateway of non-Leica photographs.

Generally speaking, those 'foreign' images have good reason to be posted here; more often than not, they are presented by long-time members of the forum who, quite frankly, through their attention to the works of others, their constructive comments, and critical insight, simply add to the Forum culture. As far as I'm concerned, it's a trust-through-intimacy that gives them the right.

More so, I'll go even further and suggest that Leica users that simply drop in to show-off their latest image, or to announce their latest rewards without taking the time to comment on the threads of others, are usually given short-shrift by the regular contributors here. In a manner, it works both ways.

There is a fluid give and take, and an interesting dynamic which makes this forum unique. I'd like to think it's the unstated belief that the foundation of our efforts and contributions lies in the simple, simple desire to make better photographs. Shouldn't that be the aspiration of all photography forums?

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