XP1: are your strap lugs showing extreme wear/

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Re: XP1: are your strap lugs showing extreme wear/

Yes, the X100/XP1 have relatively soft lugs, which results in significant wear for some users. Wear seems to be accelerated by relatively narrow rings and/or the sharp corner of triangle rings. Newer X-series cameras have stainless steel inserts, which fixes the problem. Clearly Fuji recognized the problem and addressed it. The lug opening diameter is now smaller, so some larger-diameter rings fit tighter than they did on earlier cameras.

It doesn't seem to be a massive problem, but the lug was under-designed and corrected on later cameras. No reason to panic, but I'd say you should check the lugs if you have an X100/XP1.

tom e wrote:

Another forum has a thread suggesting that the strap lugs on the XP1 are made of a too soft metal, and that the little Fuji strap triangles are causing marked wear on the lugs. This may also be happening with split rings, but it seems the triangles are the major offender.

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