Why is this called "Leica Talk" ?

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Re: ask a question about gear then

Sure, Michael, I'm certain of that too.

But many folks won't go through the trouble of asking...

The info must be right there in the front page.

Another case I remember:

I'm a huge fan of CCD sensors, and always found the images produced by the M8 and M9 simply gorgeous.

I already had a strong bias, but never actually thought of buying the M9 (mostly because I can't afford hehe).

Sometime ago, I've found a link (don't ask me where, I really don't remember) with a bunch of beautiful M9 DNGs to download.

These samples we're delightful. Most were at the golden hour, wich highlights the punchy M9 colours and CCD rendering.

Most were also shot wide open, with stuning bokeh from the Leica glass.

After playing with these DNGs, it took me 2 months to get rid of the idea of buying a M9. I just got cured because I can't afford it hehe

I don't remember which site that was, but they almost made me a Leica shooter.

That's the kind of "service" I expect the Leica forum to perform.

Most of the time, sharing low res images won't do it.  Possible converts need to play with RAW files in order to jump in.

I mean, there're tons of D800, 5Ds samples to download everywhere...  but very few places you can actually get to know how M9 and M240 RAW files really perform.

That's when gear talk becomes useful and a healthy thing.

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