Why is this called "Leica Talk" ?

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Not really a Leica forum

Allow me to offer a different opinion (one that may not be well received at all).

I understand the spirit in this particular forum: it's gentle, open minded, and it's all about inspiration and friendship.

Photography is shared and encouraged, and that's very nice.

But one side effect, is that these things help very, very little to bring more photographers into the Leica world.

I mean, we're here at DP review, the World's largest gear oriented site, and if there's one possible place where people would go for Leica info (specially hands on experience), is exactly this forum.

But truth be told: info about gear is scarce here.

Too many threads about shots, and very few threads about gear, makes this forum pointless as a Leica "gear" forum.

For example:

I also shoot with Phase One and digital back. And there're few places on the internet where I can go to seek information.

One of these rare places is the Luminous Landscapes DMF forum, and there's tremendous amount of info being shared about digital backs there.

One folk over there had all the trouble to upload dozens of RAW files from a P45+, and even dedicated one section to compared the P45 against Sony A99.

One can freely download these RAWs, and make their own mind if a digi back is suited for his/her needs.

You can learn about all kinds of tech stuff (moire, DR, comparisons of MF sensors) and see images that support those claims.

Threads like that are common over there.

I mean, that forum works as a DMF ambassador.

As nice as this Leica forum is, it does very little to help Leica as a brand, and to help other fellow shooters adventure in the Leica world.

Not trying to stir the pot... just my honest 2 cents.

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