Low light hi ISO GM1 12-32 & 20mm lens indoor portraits

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Re: Low light hi ISO GM1 12-32 & 20mm lens indoor portraits

imashination wrote:

Heaven forbid someone point out how ridiculous someone's actions are, no we must only think of butterflies and unicorns here.

Look at it in this way. A lot of people take worse pictures than the OP, and yet they own photographic equipment, in many cases SLRs and other types of interchangeable lens systems. In fact it's highly probably that the average photographic skill possessed by all owners of interchangeable lens systems is similar to, if not lower than, that of the OP. Those who imagine themselves as somehow above this should feel thankful to the unworthy masses as they help expand the market, keep manufacturers in business, improve the competition and are therefore more instrumental in maintaining a healthy and diverse universe of cameras and lenses than the truly skilled minority.

Imagine a world where only those who can win professional driving licenses are deemed skilled enough to buy cars, or only those who are graduates from cookery schools are allowed to cook, or only those who can write reasonable code can own computers. Cars, uncooked food and computers will be priced beyond the reaches of normal people and we'd all be using public transport, eating in canteens and playing with sticks and ladders.

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