Nikon A vs Sony RX100

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Re: I tried to like the RX100.

photo perzon wrote:

28mm deforms a lot. If the GR or the A had a 35mm I'd trip over myself in the rush to buy it. Considering the spanking the GR gave the A, if Nikon changed it to 35mm they'd open a new world for the Coolpix.

You've decided that YOU prefer a longer focal length (perfectly reasonable for what you shoot) and suddenly Nikon and Ricoh should switch to your preference because it would open up whole new markets?!?!? Well, maybe they'd sell ONE to you. But Fuji and Sony and Leica already have the 35mm fixed lens market pretty well in hand - there are already good options if that's what you want. You've already owned the X100 - why not just use that?

For some of us, Ricoh and Nikon are a god-send because we just LIKE 28mm because maybe we shoot different things than just relatives at parties. I love 28mm. It's my favorite focal length, my sweet spot. I can walk around with nothing else all day. And I've got other stuff for when I need other focal lengths, but for a small take anywhere camera, I'm glad there are 28mm options to go along with the 35mm options out there. If you want a 47mm, there's always the Sigma DP2M but it trades off unbelievable amazing superb IQ for poor low light performance and the files are a pain in the butt to process, so I don't recommend it for your goals. If you want something around 40-50mm, get one of the m43 bodies with a 20 or 25mm lens and go to town - they AF in low light WAY better than any of these 28 or 35mm fixed lens cameras we're talking about. And if you want to cover 35mm and 28, they have those too. And Panasonic even makes a few bodies with a silent shutter now too, if that matters to you...

Or, to get back on topic, get an RX100 - it covers all of those lengths, although it gets pretty slow as you get up towards 50mm. Or a new RX10 - it's a bigger camera but covers everything from 24-200 at f2.8 with the same great sensor as the RX100... That camera would probably cover everything you've ever even thought you wanted in a camera except that it's not a small pocket camera...


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