Sony 7 v 7r v EM1

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Re: Sony 7 v 7r v EM1

goshigoo wrote:

They are different class; 1.5 stops ISO performance is A LOT!

Sony A7 gather 4x as much as light as EM1

for price-performance Sony A7 is the best (A7 - USD 1698 vs EM1 - USD 1449)

the problem for A7 is
- limited FE lenses, will get better later. But will it? Sony have failed to deliver in the past on lenses.
- no 5 Axis IBIS (actually no IBIS at all!, and limited OSS lenses), not sure if sony will include it in future release
- larger lenses, nothing like 14,20,12-32; the 35mm f/2.8 is not really small; even it is equilvant to 17.5 f/1.4 @ m43. The slower lenses can lose you the ISO performance difference.

-Not as well made which is why it is lighter. Build is similar to the E-M5 which still has the edge.

-Slower AF partially in low light which could cost you lost shots.

-Inaccurate AF which has been reported by several websites which again can cause lost shots.

-Weather sealing not as good.

for m43, I think camera likes GX7 (<USD 900) / GM1 ($749 for kit) make much more sense in terms of price and size

m43 is about size; it does not make sense to carry EM1 with PL 25 f/1.4 given Sony A7 + 55 f/1.8 has similiar overall size and weight

There is more to a system camera than one lens plus that Sony combination has no I.S.

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