GM1 stabilization (or the lack of) concerns

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Re: GM1 stabilization (or the lack of) concerns

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A 28mm lens can shoot down to a 1/30 of a second with no camera shake and therefore no need for image stabilization.

... whereas with image stabilisation, the same lens can be used at 1/2 second. Stabilisation is useful at any focal length.

Exactly. OP wants to take low-light shots, hand-held. IS is useful for him, period. Why are some people trying to tell him IS is not needed? I'm one of those people who likes to take landscape shots near dark using Oly 12mm f/2 lens at 1/2s or slower. Just try that without any IS...

Landscape shots at 1/2s or slower near dark and ideally at base ISO and probably stopped down...... you need a tripod not IS.

Why? I hate carrying tripods during my trips and I'm sure I'm not alone here. I switched to MFT system so that I can carry lighter overall weight. Why force to carry tripods when an effective IS can do the job at base ISO? I'm not talking total darkness here that requires 30+s exposure time.

Seriously, guys, when manufacturer offers a useful technology, use it when it is appropriate. There's no reason to stick to the "traditional method" just because that's the way it worked in the past.

My 2c.

Well, my 2c is that it can't do the job reliably enough in the scenario you give with 1/2 and longer exposures (at least not for me).  The problem with not carrying a tripod and using IS when it's appropriate is that it's all you've got even when it isn't appropriate.   I'm not suggesting that IS isn't a helpful tool for landscapes but there are valid reasons why it doesn't rank very high on the priority list for most landscape shooters and it's not because "that's the way it worked in the past".

But I understand the tradeoffs and it's certainly better to have IS than not if you don't carry a tripod. Still not a strategy for landscapes that I'd recommend to someone unless they understand the significant compromises involved in return for the freedom of not carrying a tripod.

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