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Re: Is this sharp - V1 Handheld 10-30

Digetydog wrote:

dannat wrote:

you need better than 1/15 -try 1/30 or faster -also keep the iso at 200, what kind of lighting was in the rm..the tip on elect. shuuter is good

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Thanks. She was doing something funny and I just grabbed it. I can't figure out how the ISO got set that way.

Normally, I keep it in program auto, ISO 100-800 and auto WB for "just in case" shots.

Does the electronic shutter improve things?

Yes your image is a little soft and yes, the electronic shutter does improve sharpness because there is no shutter shock. I only use the mechanical shutter when I need higher flash sync speeds. For JPEGs, I find careful sharpening with Picassa]s default sharpening tool works fairly well.

When using Photoshop Lightroom on RAW files, try using sharpening values of a radius =.3 to .8, amount =50 and threshold (detail), of 3.

Based on my experience with Nikon VR lenses, I have found the lens vibration system can actually cause micro image blur and it appears to be a result of the VR unit being susceptible to vibrations from shutter shock, especially at certain shutter speeds. Maybe that is why both of my favorite standard zooms for my V1 and D7000 do not have VR!

- Jon


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