Looking at GRD IV - read about focus problems?

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Re: Looking at GRD IV - read about focus problems?

klauspauk wrote:

glimpy wrote:

Read the thread. Link is above.

So there is one person with a focus problem ?

I've had a similar problem with a near mint condition GRDI for some time ago. Finally got a new lens assembly due to dust issues while it still was within warranty. But I've not used it due to it was a bad copy of that lens so I don't know if the focus problem still is there.

There is a thread for Within warranty related experiences which I mostly wrote about the problem there. http://dpreview.com/forums/thread/3138851

I didn't make that thread because for that problem alone but as it seemed like that Convar repair service in Germany which handle repairs for most Eu Countries has been a real struggle not only to me but others as well.

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