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Re: Sony 7 v 7r v EM1

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

How about instead of comparing cars…lets compare AF Speed to AF Speed, Lens availability to Lens availability…

A7 and A7r are Ferrari's without engines with NO lens available on the open market except for a 28-70 f/4 Marginal Zoom?…ONE whole lens available?

AF Speed with LA-EA3 plus Sony $1500 lens 2-3 seconds or does not even acquire

If you Manual Focus then the A7 and A7r are great, but to Magnify you have to set a Custom Button then push once to obtain area, then twice again to magnify, then adjust Focus Peaking…then take the shot…doh this is what Fred Flintstone did to take photos...

Enough said…A7's are SLOWER than smoke off a camel turd...

Lens folks we need AF LENS...

Any sane person would know that a complete system takes at least a few years.

"You may be right I may be crazy" (Billy Joel?), but I would be smart enough to have lens ready for a camera system in advance…got nothing to do with being sane, more to do with being professional, that I am...

Of all cameras, E-mount would be the last one I would complain about limiting when it comes to lens options.

Most opt them are very POOR in the corners on the Nex-7…and they are definitely not pro-grade for sure...

That one can take advantage of lenses from other mounts with full functionality is a good thing in my opinion. Now that you can't use it doesn't mean nobody else can.

Never said anyone else wasn't allowed to use them, that would definitely be insane…lol…BUT they will have to double press a customized button for magnify then adjust Focus peaking while holding camera/shutter with same hand, and other hand on the lens MF ring…suks plain and simple...

If you were to say that NEX and the new Alphas can thrive in the hands of fewer people simce most people migjt have their own self imposed limitations, we might agree.

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