Looking at GRD IV - read about focus problems?

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Re: Looking at GRD IV - read about focus problems?

Tom Caldwell wrote:

schaki wrote:

Seems no better than that Ricoh almost reinvented the hit and miss AF which affected at least some of the Ricoh Caplio R5. Could this be related to the PDAF maybe which both R5 and the GRDIV have got? I doubt it is the IS but these which have the focus problem can test to turn off the IS and test if the problem still is there. The GRDIII didn't have PDAF as far as I remember and maybe not IS either.

Considering this problem seems enough widespread (has not seen possible topics on Flickr on this subject yet) Ricoh should fix this problem without cost even if the camera is out of warranty.

Maybe there is a way to temporarily shut the PDAF down so that comparative testing could be made.

Just put a small bit of black tape or anything else in front of the PDAF Windows, then the camera will be forced to use ccd AF instead to focus. It works that way with GRDI and the other older Ricohs which also have PDAF, though older, different PDAF sensors compared to the GRDIV, CX5 and CX6.

But it should be the same in the end anyway, that the camera tries to use ccd AF if it can't use PDAF for some reason. For sure the GRDIV uses ccd AF in macro at least.

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