would m43 sensor work with N1 lenses

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Actually, no

Putting a larger sensor into a Nikon 1 body would create more problems than it would solve.

  1. The existing lenses wouldn't cover the image circle, so you'd need new lenses
  2. The body itself might not be deep enough, so you'd need a new body
  3. When you were done... you ended up creating another Panasonic GF5

I think you should rejoice that the Nikon 1 really works pretty well right now, and will probably provide even better image quality in future iterations as sensor technology keeps improving.

Today, the 1" sensor is where the 4/3 sensor was five years ago. I think there is huge potential for this sensor going forward. And Nikon seems to have done a good job creating some nice CX lenses. You can expect better lenses coming in the future.

And the AW-1 rugged camera was sheer genius.

While Canon really fumbled the ball with their EOS-M, and Pentax has mucked around with three different sensor sizes in their own MILC cameras, I think Nikon has chosen the right approach. Rather then creating a "me too" APSC or 4/3 product, they created a system that has even greater mass market potential, and can be even smaller and lighter.

And I say this despite not being a Nikon user at all, so this isn't fanboy talk.

I admire Nikon for being different, and offering a good product with lots of future potential.

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