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Re: What is a good deal?

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cgarrard wrote:

I counted 3 real things the A58 has as a slight advantage, and I could write a longer list the K50 has over the A58. But I've spent enough time replying to you. Enjoy your A58.

I think you've proved your point. The K50 costs $250 more than the A58 and is worth every penny of those $250 because it is a better camera. All in all the K50 is just as good a value as the A58. Many people go out and buy a budget camera because that's all they can either afford or want to spend. That's fine. The problem comes when they want to convince themselves and others that their budget camera is more than it really is.

Actually the cost is 85.00 more on Amazon right now.

When I bought my A65 for $900 what I really wanted was an A77 but didn't want to spend the money. I never thought the A65 was as good a camera as the A77 but it has served me well for 2 years. Recently the A77 price dropped to $900. Because it is now a better deal than the A65 was I bought one so the A65 now serves as a backup to my A77. Since high iso shooting is not a priority for me these cameras are all I would ever want (along with the RX100 I bought last year).

I think the A77 is one of the best values in cameras right now. So is the Nikon D7000 for $900, Canon 60D for $650 and the A65 for $500 (all Amazon prices). In fact all these are better values than either the K50 or A58 IMO. The best deals are cameras that have been around for a while but are still current. The latest tech isn't really much better if at all.


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