Low light hi ISO GM1 12-32 & 20mm lens indoor portraits

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photo perzon
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Re: Flower with GM1

The Jacal wrote:

photo perzon wrote:

This must be one of your most pleasing shots, at least to my eye. It looks as if you've had a stab at composition.

I remember when you left m43, complaining how whichever camera it was was a sixteenth of an ounce too heavy for you, then there was the Nikon A / Ricoh GR situation; you bought a Nikon A, then trolled about it, critcising the Ricoh, now you have a Ricoh. It's nearly two ounces lighter, that must've been the clincher.

The point is, I'm waiting for it to happen again.

Please stay, I ,for one, have missed you here.

P.S. Are you going to get the Stylus 1?

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I saw a youtube movie with the Stylus 1 taking a loong time to AF

I read a review saying it focuses slowly

I'd rather then keep my 40-150 with the E-PL6

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