Looking at GRD IV - read about focus problems?

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Re: Looking at GRD IV - read about focus problems?

klauspauk wrote:

glimpy wrote:

I have read where multiple folks had focus issues develop with the GRD IV, and a pricey repair. Is this a wide spread issue? Would hate to buy a used one and then double the price with repairs.


Where did you read that ?

I had the same reaction.  I don't think it is generic or widespread.  There is one thread at least where there were comments on it.

Universally there seems to be no problem with the very similar GRDIII.  The GRDIV differs from the GRDIII by the addition of IS and the re-introduction of the phase detect focus window.

Schaki seem to have nailed the possible "problem".  I have made a post of the subject (above).  My guess is that a rapid press of the shutter can short circuit the normal slower press PDAF + CDAF routine and rely on PDAF (you are in a hurry I supppose).  Therefore the focus is as reliable as PDAF can be on its own.  Through the lens PDAF must be "looking" at precisely the same object as the photographer but a PDAF window has a parallax problem and may sometimes not be precisely accurate.

I would rather understand and work around this "problem" than not have PDAF capability.

For those to whom this is an insurmountable problem - the GRDIII is a very similar camera and does not have the IS and PDAF "features".  There seems to be no reported problems of GRDIII focusing.

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