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Yes Jeff I did get other shots but not that interesting. It is a neat concept that I can come home and see what I have at the end of the day. To avoid battery drain I use the Pentax DC cord.

Seems like using the DC cord WOULD be the way to go. Do you know if there's an aftermarket version of that? I was looking at accessories for the K-3 the other day, and the Pentax brand DC cord for it was $109, I think! That just seems a RIDICULOUS PRICE to pay for a DC adapter for ANYTHING! That said, I wouldn't want to get a cheap one that doesn't have a stable output and might fry my camera's electronics, either.

Hi Jeff,

I suggest you first try it with just a fully charged battery. I think you will be surprised at how long it will last. Note: Don't forget to turn the Auto Power Off to Off in the menu.

One other question: below Ron asked if you can do this with the infrared remote and you said you tried, but it works for you only with the wired remote. Do you have to use a remote? In your previous posts I got the impression you simply set the camera up manually and weren't using a remote, at all. The reason I ask is that the only remote I have is the WR IR remote, so were I to try this I'd want to know if I needed to get the wired remote.

Yes, you need to use a remote. And, so far it appears that with the K-3, only a wired remote will work. Get a locking wired remote. You can find them on ebay for very cheap. Also, whatever works for the lower model Canon cameras will also work with the Pentax.


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Thanks, Ron. I'm in the middle of finalizing an order at Amazon right now for accessories I want now that I'll be picking up my K-3 at the local UPS warehouse tomorrow (B&H was requiring signature, and that NEVER works, since the UPS driver never gives me time to get to the door -- plus I was going to be out of the house part of the day, so I got them to change delivery status to "will call."). I'll add a wired remote to that. As for the AC adapter, I just did a search for THAT at Amazon and they have ONE seller -- IN JAPAN -- at full retail PLUS $14 shipping! No thanks! Guess I'll have to get that direct from Pentax or somewhere, if I get it.


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