Nikon A vs Sony RX100

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I tried to like the RX100.

First, I agree with Ray Sachs' excellent response; very well-said.

Personally, I tried to like the RX100, but could not live with the handling qualities and controls. I handled an A, and it was a good fit. I might have wished for a focal length equivalent of 35mm to 40mm, but 28nm is acceptable, and allows for hand-holding at longer shutter speeds. I bought an A, and found it very good for my needs.

My wife claimed it for herself, however, which prompted me to consider less-expensive alternatives as I save for a second A. I handled a GR. I revisited the RX100, G1X, and considered a pre-owned Fuji X100. There is something special about the A, at least in my hands, and I do not want a zoom. The A remains at the top of my to-buy list. On rare occasions, I get to shoot with my wife's A, which confirms my original acquisition decision.

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