LF1 owners, your comments, please

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Re: LF1 owners, your comments, please

Lobalobo wrote:

Impulses wrote:

I wouldn't buy it to use the EVF primarily of course, I doubt anyone would recommend that

I would recommend the LF1 primarily for the LF1. I like a lot about the camera, including the larger sensor, but the EVF is key to me as I don't like to shoot from a screen, ever. The EVF is perfectly usable for composition, which is the main point. I prefer the external EVF on the LX7 and the LX7 in general, but it's bigger.

I agree, and I did buy the LF1 primarily for the EVF.  I use the EVF pretty much 100% of the time, and I am quite happy with it.  Could it be better?  Clearly yes, but for me it is quite good enough - I can easily compose my pictures with it.  I can even tell when my subject is smiling or not.  I do not use it for focusing.

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