Best Value DSLR - Sony A58

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Re: Best Value DSLR - Sony A58

havoc315 wrote:

What nonsense are you spouting? The K50 has vastly superior high ISO performance.

Its fine ine to prefer the Sony for many reasons. But blind dishonest fanboy bias is just silly.

Look at the dxomark scores of each.

For your kind information we were talking about Noise performance in Higher ISO not the ISO levels means K-50 does not perform well on higher ISO like A58...

Your words like nonsense/spouting/blind dishonest fanboy bias proves that you need some behavior and personality development. I really don't want to convert this debate into a fight other wise I've a huge dictionary of words that deals with persons like you.

Be a man and show some respect here!

False. Look at the dxomark scores. Their testing indicates that noise performance at high ISO is much better in the k50 compared to the A58. Over a half step better.

It appears you don't understand the dxomark scores.

Nobody is questioning that the a58 can be seen as a decent value ( though I'd say the a65, now only about $100 more is a much better value).

The biggest problem of the Sony dSLTs is horrid high ISO noise performance compared to the competition. (Though lower level Canons aren't any better).

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