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Re: The K50 is serious bang for the buck too

Shield3 wrote:

Have you ever used a Canon 7d or 5d3 to shoot sports? I have and do. I get far more keepers and can much easier track moving subjects and have a far higher hit rate than I ever did with Sony SLT's. 12FPS is nice if you're shooting a stationary target (like someone's golf swing) but if you're following action across a field the SLT's just don't cut it - too much of a black out delay coupled with a very wimpy buffer. On 1000x cards I get 30 shots in 5 seconds in full raw, with continuous AF.

The "slideshow effect" takes some getting used to but I have been shooting sports using burst mode on moving subjects (Soccer, LaCrosse, Hockey, Baseball) with SLTs for 3 years now. It's gotten to the point where I can follow the action and keep the subject in the frame with absolutely no problem. In fact I don't even notice that it is a series of still images any more. I can say with complete certainty that I couldn't follow the action any better with an OVF.

As for buffer limitations, yes that's true but more so when shooting a more stationary subject like the full pitching motion of a baseball player pitching the ball. In sports where you are following people around it is more useful to fire limited bursts of 5-10 shots at a time rather than treat the camera like you're shooting a movie. To get good shots you need to need to observe the whole field, either through the viewfinder zoomed out or with your bare eyes, trying to anticipate where the action will be since most of the time the action isn't worth photographing. It helps greatly to understand the sport you are photographing. In those instances I don't fill the buffer even with a slower type 10 card.

More accurate focus? The SLT bodies I used very often would focus on the background instead of the subject.

Of course that depends on how accurately you "aim" the camera. My accurate focus hit rate isn't 100% but of course it wouldn't be with any camera. I don't doubt that high end, high priced action cameras are better, they should be for the money, but my keeper rate for action photos with my A65 is in the 70%-80% range. I haven't had a chance to use my new A77 in sports yet but theoretically with the 11 cross type AF points vs 3 on the A65 it should do better. I can't say that everyone will have the success I've had and it does take a lot of practice to get it down but I find the high speed burst with the SLT cameras very reliable and useful.

Yes, a 10 shot burst is usually sufficient. Unfortunately, at full resolution, the a58 only support 6 fps.

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