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Re: Best Value DSLR - Sony A58

Vikas Rana wrote:

Thanks for the nice review on ISO and noise performance of K-50. I should have compared ISO performance of A58 & K-50.
K-50 ISO is not acceptable above 800 where as A58 produces nice acceptable images on ISO3200 and using MFNR in A58 there is no sign of noise on ISO 6400. I think MFNR is not there in K-50.

The k-50 probably compares lot closer to the a58 than 800 vs 3200 but saying the k-50's jpeg engine and noise performance is superior doesn't seem to be the case at all.

The k-50 probably does better with raw files whereas like with the a55 you really are wasting time processing raw with the a58. The color is 'punchier on the k-50 jpegs and many will prefer the more color saturated look to begin with.

With most cameras color starts going south and gets muted with higher iso's so you have to give it up to pentax for keeping more color to begin with. If say the a58 kept as much color I imagine the inevitable common red color blotchiness would rear its head faster.

K-50 still lacks lots of features. I think Pentax do not upgrade their cameras as much and keep synchronized only with their existing customers. Also K-50 is actually comparable to A65 not A58 because of the pricing.

I am sure the k-50 will do an outstanding job and be a great camera for many users as the a58 does also. The feel and build is important..more than I mentioned but to some owners until they have been there done that it doesn't seem necessary.

A58 have the latest algorithms for jpegs which I think is better than any other SLT and not only that Pentax users needs to know that Sony sensors are implanted in other DSLRs like Nikon, Olympus etc.

The a58 does feel solid enough and the mount very firm but the overall  just doesn't compare with the a77/a57/a65 or a55.  The jpeg engine as you mention does a great job with jpegs and uses some of the same tech as the a99 in noise handling targeting out of focus areas more.

Honestly if I had a k50 I might want to use it myself over an a58 but only because they both truly don't give the iq at 800+ that I would be looking for..That and I would probably like the color character of the pentax more than the a58 though not at high iso.

There  are trade -offs with many models and if you want a reliable high iso jpeg shooter well the a58 seem to fit the bill. The k-50 does an excellent job also just not really better than the a58.

The a58 wont be your last alpha I am sure and as you grow and eventual outgrow or can fully utilize a more feature laden camera keep growing in your technique and lens base. Then when the time will have a great photography base and hopefully a few other newer alphas to choose from to fit your wants/needs. I was tired of seeing your defences getting based on all fronts and wanted to put a little more perspective on things with my last post.

Cgarrard is a very knowledgeable photographer and I am sure the k-50 has a lot to offer that you just don't need or want in a camera. So no disrespect to anyone or any system..lets just enjoy our hobby/passion or profession

Thank you-brian

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