C&C: PP with Lightzone4. Is it overdone?

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Re: C&C: PP with Lightzone4. Is it overdone?

Joy07 wrote:

Joy07 wrote:

I'd say increase the brightness a little bit (a very little bit) but dont increase the contrast as much if at all. Its a pretty busy scene to start with with plenty to attract the eye, so a fairly conservative grade will work well.

I'm just a novice. But I would love to see what harkens by increasing / deepening mainly saturation and color. Maybe a tiny bit of contrast and brightness. See what it looks like.

It is a "moody" day. I would like to see more of the moodiness of the deep blue colors permeating through the picture.

Just a thought???

Cheers Joy

Intersting thoughts, thanks for feedback. Could you have a try of what you think on the picture? I'd like to see.

How do I do that? Do I just copy and paste the picture onto my desk top? I'm such a novice I haven't worked in RAW yet, but have got my head around basic editing programs in jpeg. (Yes I know I have a lot to learn!). This summer in my holidays I am going to do some serious "Google study!"

Anyway... On the weekend after I've got all my marking done I'll give it a go

Cheers Joy


This was my thoughts. Love to hear what you think

It's not much different to yours, just a bit more saturation etc

cheers Joy

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