Sony A7r's peaking is disappointing

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Re: Sony A7r's peaking is disappointing

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Keit ll wrote:

Focus peaking ( FP) is a tool not a universal panacea. It highlights high contrast edges which may or may not be in the required plane of focus. The user has to look at the edges of their intended focus target & disregard any other highlight fringes which may be in the background.

Peaking on the NEX 7 behaves in a similar way to that described , it gets weaker on screen magnification or in macro close-ups. To get maximum benefit from FP you may need to use the stronger settings & also change the colour appropriately. Even if the fringes are weak - if any exist around the focus target then they are still indicating when manual focus is optimised , just one or two spots will appear & disappear as focus is changed.

Would it not be simply easier to scale the level of focus peaking to the strength of screen magnification?

In my book the three levels of selectable focus peaking are just an awkward make do for the lack of proper scaling. So, contrast detect focus peaking might be great at normal screen, if inaccurate, but rapidly disappears as the magnification is cranked up and contrast reduces. What does the benighted Sony user do when his focus peaking fails?

Hey, I thought that focus peaking was a one-day wonder, I really like focusing with my dodgy eyesight?

or, hop out to the menu, half a mo', hold that pose! I will be back in a tick .... just have to strengthen up my fpa (again).

I agree with you , I never claimed that Sony's FP was perfect. Sony are lazy when it comes to updating software . I get the impression that software writing is sub-contracted & therefore the budget for changes & improvements is limited.

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