Looking at GRD IV - read about focus problems?

Started Nov 19, 2013 | Questions thread
Tom Caldwell Forum Pro • Posts: 30,460
Re: Looking at GRD IV - read about focus problems?

Allen George wrote:

Not that I know of.

The GRD IV focus problem I'm observing is weird: the camera appears to lock on, but the resulting photo is definitely OOF. At first I suspected user-error, but even with very simple scenes the resulting image was a little ... off. Not so much so that it's blindingly obvious, but enough that you know it's there.

It's especially noticeable when comparing with the GRDIII - even mine, which I consider a beater.

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Same bloke, two cameras that are basically the same ... looks like an issue.  Unless the IS in the GRDIV is at fault.  In any event, not so good.

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Tom Caldwell

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