LF1 owners, your comments, please

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Re: LF1 owners, your comments, please

The EVF barely protrudes, it's not an issue at all as far as slipping it into a pant's pocket.

It's got a rubbery/soft touch coating (the entire back face does) and it seems to have peeled a tiny little bit on the corner of my EVF housing tho, it's pretty minor (like a needle's head size) and hasn't continued to peel after I yanked the little bit off... I was probably rough with it at some point when cramming it into a pouch or my pocket, or maybe just a slight defect, not concerned about it at this point. Hasn't peeled any more.

It's a small, low res EVF, sure... But it's quite usable IMO. I didn't buy it for the EVF at all, would've bought it even if it didn't have it (the reach, wifi implementation, battery life, pano mode, etc were all more important to me), but I've found myself using it when I've wanted an extra bit of steadying while shooting at the long end and such. Used it a lot during a concert and it seemed to help.

I added a Flipbac grip, should've ordered it from B&H as it took forever to ship directly from them, works well enough though, makes it a little less slippery.

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