Why is this called "Leica Talk" ?

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Re: Why is this called "Leica Talk" ?

Just wanted to add that this is a great forum and there are great people here, most of whom shoot Leica, some of whom shoot something else, and none of whom really care. Here is something I have learned since beginning with Leica and participating in this forum. That chip, the big heavy one that resides on the shoulders of certain camera owners, it just isn't there with these guys. Leica shooters, the ones that actually shoot and not wear the camera like jewelry, love photography first, and love any number of cameras from any number of manufacturers.

We don't argue about which camera produces less noise at 6400 ISO.

We love M43 cameras as well as APSC and FF, would shoot any format we could get our hands on, and wouldn't feel the need to declare that one the best just because it is the one we purchased.

We appreciate advancements in imaging technology, and do not see them as a threat to our egos, as we are reasonable enough to know that the next latest and greatest is always around the corner.

We shoot what we love to shoot because we make a connection with it, not because of some chart or test scene.

The content of the image is always more important than the camera it was shot with.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. And this is more than enough to explain why the Leica Talk forum is not tolerant, but instead flat out welcoming of all photographers with interesting moments and stories to share.

Disclaimer: I know I used the word "we" a lot in this post. Sorry. I did not mean to suggest that I speak for the forum, Leica shooters as a whole, or any group of individuals. The use of "we" was more of a literary device in this context, and not meant to offend anyone. People may feel differently, and perhaps these are just reflections of my own personal feelings, but I feel like these ideas will connect with at least a few people here that I know.

ALSO, a special shout out to the Ricoh forum, which, in my opinion, has always been a class act as well.

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