Sony 7 v 7r v EM1

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Sony 7 v 7r v EM1

I borrowed my brothers EM1 and did a comparison with the 7 and 7r, these are just subjective views.


The grip feels better on the EM1 as it has more purchase and you can grip the camera in one hand securely whilst walking around.  The A7 is similar to the NEX but marginally better, still much better than not having a grip but I would want the additional grip on if using even modest telephoto.

The A7 with 28-70 lens is lighter by about 120g than the EM1 with 12-40 but the 12-40 is a much nicer lens. The 28-70 lens is just ok in terms of build, it's very rubbery on the barrel but doesn't extend when zooming. There is no switch to turn off the Steady shot, so if using a tripod you need to go into menu to deactivate.

The EVF is slightly better on the EM1 but the A7 is certainly better than the NEX7, and no smearing like on the NEX 7, I would say its similar to the A99. However on my copies the colour is more accurate on the A7, the colour temperature on the EM1 is not as accurate.

The Screens articulate the same and. I would say the IQ is about the same, although I prefer the text on the A7 and like the way the  aperture settings enlarge in the EVF when you adjust


The AF in dim light is faster on the EM1, in fact it's lightning fast even in very dim light. I played with the AF on both the A7 and A7r and in dim light I would say they were pretty much equal.  now if you were measuring them scientifically there may be a difference but to me they were almost identical and I played for about 10 mins of so.

In daylight the 7r was slightly faster on static, not tried tracking yet.

The Menus is very sophisticated on the EM1 and if you want the most advanced customisation then this is the camera, that said you can customise extensively on the a7 as well.

The Shutter on the 7's is not as loud as I thought! it's just longer than normal but I haven't tried them both extensively. This shouldn't deter ANYONE from buying unless you have a need off a silent shutter. the EM1 is quieter.

in terms of the all important thing IQ this will be subjective depending on your needs.

The 7s obviously do have better IQ but not by as much as you may think, my guess is 1.5 stops but this varies depending if you are shooting in the almost dark or in just dull weather.

now the difference between the 7 and 7r, I just can't come to a conclusion as there are so many factors to take into account depending on what you will be doing with your output. What I can say is the files were handled well by my imac on the 7r with no noticeable slow down in processing.

As with many cameras it takes weeks if not months to get comfortable with a camera and the Sony will evolve as more lenses become available and also more people feedback on other lenses and adapters.

All 3 of these cameras will take excellent images so none are better than an other, it's just down to what your individual needs are for the output etc.

hope this helps a little



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