Why is this called "Leica Talk" ?

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Re: Why is this called "Leica Talk" ?

I am willing to bet the farm almost all if not all we Leica shooters have other cameras as well but we are primarily Leica shooters. I am guessing that about eighty percent of the images I show here were taken with an M9 M6  M4 M4.2 a few M2 lots of M2's M3 and a few CL's which doesn't included the screw mounts I have posted images from.

but the problem with or perhaps the most endearing thing about this forum is there isn't a lot of gear talk as Leica does't change things and introduce new products every month nor do they alter the appeal of the M much over the years. There is only so much we can say about how good the summicrons are or how great the m what ever is. so we show our images the vast majority of which are shot with Leica's or Leica lenses or Leica bodies with strange and wonderful lenses or even the other camera in our bag. but Philosophically and practically we are Leica shooters. We see the world through the range finder or we feel Leica glass is the tops. There is this bit of a myth that there is a leica look but make no mistake there is most surely a Leica vision of the world in front of the camera which carries over into our use of other cameras.

We welcome everyone here Leica owner or not and as far as I am concerned this is by a long shot the best forum on dpreview and better than most strictly Leica forums.  I tried the range finder forum and it was about as exciting as watching paint peeling.  While I am not opposed to a new name be assured this is and should be and will be at heart the Leica forum

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