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Re: Best Value DSLR - Sony A58

About the hahahah thing vicas..

The k-50 'superior jpeg engine? I don't see it.  As you can see from all of these 100% crops the k50   oversharpens the jpegs leaving artifacts. The k50 also has a lot more color noise than the a58.

The a578 has more resolution and cleaner at every iso ..quite a bit in many cases. I think I read that it holds 2750 lines at any case higher than the k- 50 front base iso and up.

If you don't need weather sealing(not many do) but image quality(at every sensitivity is more important) then the a58 is a better performer.....and the end result is the image right?

Look at all the color noise and artifacts from the k-50?? color noise is prevalent as are artifacts....those are the facts****

The review snip is from popphoto and the crops are 100% samples from imaging resource.  I know my a58's didn't play nice with my lenses(focusing) but I got tired of reading about the 'Greatest value pentax k-50 on this SONY FORUM.  I went looking to see how much fact their was in 'jpeg engine superiority and much better iso performance I came up with the exact opposite- The sony a58 besting the k-50 in both regards...

As for the build? well that isn't why you bought the camera and even if a camera could take a tank rolling over it, if a camera is going to get the job done better iq/iso/jpeg engine wise and not be falling apart on you you..wouldn't you go for a better imager anyway? That would be the a58

I still think the a55 makes them both look silly though hahahahha.

I don't want to argue..posting samples and standing by a fellow sony shooter is all..and I didn't go cherry picking either with these samples.  I don't care about the accuracy of the viewfinder and all the other little s*it like 'superior evf ovf stuff. To each their own, I like both personally.

Thanks and enjoy your a58 vikas knowing it can put  out superior images-brian

p.s. Just don't give it a sponge bath hahaha

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