Why is this called "Leica Talk" ?

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Re: Why is this called "Leica Talk" ?

Calvin Palmer wrote:


In this forum photographs are the most important element unlike many of the others where they are secondary to discussions of the latest iteration of particular camera models.

You also have to remember that some people, such as myself, are former Leica owners who consider many of the forum members as friends and so like to stay in touch and what better way than to post a few photographs taken with whatever camera we happen to be shooting with these days, in my case a Ricoh GR.

I suppose it comes down to whether your interest is photography or the cameras that produce the photographs. It is, after all, Digital Photography Review rather than Digital Camera Review and the Leica Forum simply upholds that distinction.

+1 to this and several other responses.  I post here sometimes, and I do not have a Leica or Leica lens.  Then why do i do it?  Because first this is the most civilized forum on DPr by far.  Second the Leica people are more interested in photography than arguing about gear, although to be fair there are many legitimate questions about gear.  Third the photographers here are excellent, the conversations useful, and people like me learn a lot.  Fourth although I don't have a Leica, I have an ILC with which I use MF lenses almost exclusively.  Consequently my approach to photography has a certain affinty to the Leica approach.

I for one greatly appreciate that Leica owners are so open-minded about this forum.


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