7i and Sigma EF 500 DG Super

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OP Dimitris Begetis New Member • Posts: 2
Confirmed, no AF aid lamp.

Thanks for the info. I confirmed with both Minolta and Sigma, that the AF
assist lamp is not supposed to work. I am keeping the Sigma.

JanezSlovenec wrote:
AF auxiliary lamp doesn't work with ANY flash on the Dimage
cameras. No, not even 5600HS (. As i understand even if it would
work it wouldn't help, because of the way Dimages focus.


wil eelsing wrote:
I'm still in the process of selecting a flash for the 7i. According
to Sigma's own compatibility chart
( http://www.sigmaphoto.com/html/flashes.htm ) the AF auxiliary lamp
(what I think is their term for a focusing aid light) the EF 500 DG
Super should be compatible with the entire Dimage range of cameras.
So either something is wrong, or they're overly optimistic about
the features of the EF 500.
However, my dealer tells me the 3600HS D should work.

Why not drop Sigma a line and let them explain how they see things?

Good luck,


Dimitris Begetis wrote:

Just received EF500 DG Super to use with my Dimage 7i, and I am
disappointed to find the focusing aid light does not go on.
Anybody knows if this feature is not available for the Dimage 7i
and the EF 500 DG
Super? In the Sigma website, there is nothing to suggest that.
Also, does the focusing aid light on the Minolta 3600HS work with
the 7i?
Thanks Dimitris.

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