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Re: Agree 110%, I Love NEX 'camera', but HATE paying lens 'premium'

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I really like the portability and great image quality from my NEX5n but the price premium for the smaller size is getting on my nerves. I have bought a few lenses on top of the 16mm pancake and 18-55 that came with it. I have 55-210 plus the Sigma 30 and a bunch of legacy primes. I'm now looking for something that can be used as a better IQ walk-around lens that's also suitable for video

I agree 110%. I really adore NEX 'camera' itself. Compare to my canon dslr, eos-m, panasonic m43, the out-of-camera-jpeg is stunning: (1) best high iso of any aps-c (2) best hw dynamic range (3) best software dynamic range optimizer. Portrait photo of nice buttery smooth skin-tone. As a camera, NEX is without reproach...

But the fly on the ointment is the expensive lens price with so-so IQ. Nikon 35/1.8 and Sony DT 35/1.8 are both $199 with better IQ (without resort to using software correction) than a $450 Sony 35/1.8 OSS. Love to get a wide angle sony 10-18, but the $849 is enough to give me an heart attack.

True but some lenses are cheaper. The 50/1.8 is only $300. The Sigmas. The 30 macro. The 55-210.

Sony razor strategy is clear: sell body @discount but charge a premium for lens. I love NEX, but the premium has force me to switch to canon M, where 22mm F/2 STM is just $99, and wide angle 11-22 STM is just $450.

I'm also not massively impressed by the AF speed and suspect that won't get much better, even if I upgrade to the NEX6. I hate to say it but after spending some time with DSLR Canon cameras at work, 550d and 7d, I'm left rather underwhelmed - both in terms of AF performance and lens price. The new 70d offers a lot for the money, especially when partnered with the 18-135 IS STM lens.

Slow AF comes with the territory of buying mirrorless. Buy DSLR if you want instant AF speed.

Not always true. I've got a Rebel which is not any faster.

To get similar quality in an E-Mount I would need to move up to an A7 (taking my lens collection with me and cropping to 10MP) and the native EF lenses are massively expensive, especially if I ever want a big telephoto. Yes it will look amazing and offer a lot of portability (but not as much as the NEX) but that’s a bunch of cash to chuck at a relative inflexible camera range.

I've been drooling over the $1699 Sony A7 FF lately. But again love the camera, but the $999 for Sony FE 55/1.8 is very hard to swallow.

$800 for the ZEISS FE35/2.8 which is small but the same FOV as the 24. I tried it on my 5R, and it's beauty. A good alternative to buying the Zeiss E24.

Wow! $800 is still hefty price.

Still $300 cheaper than the 24 Zeiss NEX lens. And you can use it for the FF bodies, later.


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