Samples GM1 with 20mm 1.7 in action

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Re: Pictures with GM1 and 20mm 1.7 in action

brudy wrote:

Zensu11 wrote:

photo perzon wrote:

LCD outdoors was not great. It was OK. Of course that was Miami sun straight on. I did miss the VF4.

That said, 99% of my pictures are for dinners and parties indoors at night, and the 20mm 1.7 is ready to get all that.

Thank you, photo perzon, for your response. I've yet to find any camera with a great LCD outdoors. Some are better than others but none are better than adequate. I've been trying to train myself to adjust to using the LCD outdoors more with my E-M5 but I eventually give up and use the EVF. However, I as you, shoot the vast majority (90%) of my images indoors and the LCD works fine in this environment.


I'll be ordering a GM1 once my A7r is paid off, but I'm also not fan of using the LCD. The inability to add an external evf is the only downside to the GM1.

I agree brudy, with me it will be when I get the Olympus 12-40 f2.8 paid off. If 90% of my photos are indoors then the GM-1 will work fine for me and I'll use the weather proof E-M5 with EVF outdoors. Who knows maybe by the time we're both in better financial photo buying shape the GM-1 will be a huge hit and Panasonic will offer a line of GM series cameras!


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