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Re: Haha!

havoc315 wrote:

You're unfairly comparing the premium SLTs-- many of your points are the A77 and A65.

Comparing the A58 only with the K50, the K50 looks better across many key points.
Sure--any SLT has some unique selling points such as live view, full time PDAF. But the k50 unquestionably has far superior build quality (it's weather sealed, not even a debate). The k50 has much better high ISO performance.
Unless you're absolutely in love with the unique benefits of SLT, it's pretty hard to put the A58 ahead.

Its was not an unfair comparison. If that was unfair than I would say comparing K-50 (price: $800 - official launch price) with A58 (price $499 :official) is also not fair. So I compare K-50 with A65/A77/A57/A58. K-50's price comes in between A65 and A77 and its not even close to A58... You can say that K-50 is available at $580 on amazon but I purchased my A58 at $450...

Regarding the weather sealing, it can be done on any electronic devices using latest nano-technologies. Liquipel ( is the firm which can make any electronic device water proof. Liquipel coating is far batter than factory based water-proofing.

Now A58 vs K - 50 (unfair because of difference in price)

K-50 Advantages

  1. Large Screen 3" vs 2.7"
  2. High ISO 51600 vs 16000, I still need to check the ISO results
  3. OVF vs EVF, good for you to do some test shots without live-view!
  4. 92% viewfinder coverage vs A58's 100% OLED EVF coverage. Good for you hide the outer 8%
  5. Weather Sealed
  6. Large Sensor
  7. Thinner in size
  8. Fast Shutter Speed 1/6000 vs 1/4000 (helpful to handle higher ISO range)

A58 Advantages

  1. A58: 1080/60i/24p AVCHD™ or 1080/30p MP4
    K-50: only 1080 at 30fps
  2. A58 has external mic jack
  3. A58 can create panorama, I've personally tested it worked very smoothly, results were 100% accurate.

Show us.  I call lie, completely. And one shot out of many does not count. Show me a set of 3 consecutive shots where stitching and exposure errors don't show up. Good luck.

  1. Phase Detection Auto-Focus in Continues Video as well as Continues still shooting
  2. Has a flip out screen
  3. Longer battery life, 690 vs 410 shots.. you said k-50 supports two batteries, well A-58 have support for external power supply using AC to DC adapter. Regarding 2nd battery, we can carry n number spare batteries with A58 to get 610 * n shots

The K50 has external support for adapters as well. K50 wins.

  1. Higher Megapixel, 20mp vs 16mp.. some peoples says its unnecessary but I say that its very helpful to crop/get extra focal length...

Resolution differences are VERY minimal here. High ISO is a MAJOR advantage to the K50. K50 wins.

  1. Large View-Finder (0.65x vs 0.61x) I'm talking about viewfinder size not quality!
  2. More Auto-Focus Points (15 vs 11)

Only in viewfinder mode, in

  1. Large number of lenses available, complete A-mount lens database is available on

Just as large of a lens database is on pentax forums dot com.

  1. Light in weight, 492g vs 650g. More than 20% lighter...

And more chance at camera shake, less build quality.

  1. Cheaper and best value for money...

I'm also tired now comparing the both..

That's because you are defending the A58 when you shouldn't need too. Both offer a great value for the money depending on needs.

Have a nice day

Njoy your K-50!

That's a fairer comparison.

Though you have ignored the faster full resolution burst rate and superior buffer of the K50. You continue to belittle the far superior build quality (from weather sealing to metal mount to a second control dial). And you ignored the superior image quality (mostly superior ISO performance) of the k50, and higher resolution LCD.

In terms of lens availability, not sure which wins. Pentax has a massive availability of legacy lenses, maybe even more than a-mount.

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