Why no TTL / EVF hybrid viewfinder

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Re: Why no TTL / EVF hybrid viewfinder

It could be done and likely is possible. You wouldn't have to move anything. You simply could use a transparent OLED display in place of the LCD overlay they use currently for focus points, grid lines, etc. In TTL mode it would provide the focus points etc. like the current setups, and in EVF mode the mirror would
flip up, effectively blocking any intrusive light and then the OLED panel would just show the liveview stream like any other EVF. This wouldn't require any extra space in the viewfinder I would imagine, or at least a marginal increase maybe. Why they haven't done this yet I can't say, but it's seems quite feasable to me. Could be a cost thing still, or maybe the technology isn't at the performance point they demand yet.

Personally, I think hybrid viewfinders like this will be the future for DSLRs over EVF only.
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