Samples GM1 with 20mm 1.7 in action

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Re: Samples GM1 with 20mm 1.7 in action

micksh6 wrote:

photo perzon wrote:

I have not but the touch focus is instant.

Very fast even with the 20mm.

The question is whether fast moving objects will be distorted because of rolling shutter when using shutter speed faster than 1/500s.

Also, looks like there is no benefit in small camera size when using anything but kit lens.

WRONG - With the mechanical shutter speed of 1/500th sec will cover all lenses up to 250mm focal length (effective 500mm) so just fine for the teles designed for it.  Just how often will you really need a faster shutter speed - rarely except in very bright situations where electronic shutter fine if excluding very fast movement.  While I might use 1/1000 sec for very fast action if available. based on data from pictures 1/500th sec fine for medium tele range and lower ISO.

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