Why no TTL / EVF hybrid viewfinder

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Re: Why no TTL / EVF hybrid viewfinder

Bill Robb wrote:

bigpigbig wrote:

Why is there yet to be a camera with a hybrid TTL / EVF viewfinder?

Perhaps because no one is clamoring for it because EVFs are inferior to TTL finders.

They are not inferior. Just different. That is like saying a 4x4 is inferior to a sports car. There are several distinct advantages to an EVF. Focus peaking, zoom, wysiwyg and image review being a few. They certainly have disadvantages as well, which is why I would love a hybrid.

Perhaps because of the added complexity, size, weight and cost that adding an EVF would entail, and perhaps because it would compromise the integrity of the optical finder.

To make it work, you would have to move the focus screen out of the way and slide an evf monitor into the same position. As soon as you start doing that you are introducing a mechanism with tolerances where you can have no tolerances. If a focus screen is out of position by any amount, the finder is useless.

It seems to me the EVF could be moved into position without moving anything else. The focusing screen would not move.  The EVF would just move into the eyepiece. The x100s does it within only 1/2 inch of space.

I suspect it could be done, but I bet that sort of finder would add a huge cost to the camera. and would increase the size of the prism area massively. The reason Fuji is able to do it with their cameras is because the optical finder is a passive finder, it isn't in the light path that the lens projects, and isn't being used for focusing.

When a DSLR is in liveview mode it is essentially the equivalent. The only difference is that the image is sent to the LCD rather than the EVF. I am not sure you are correct.

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