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Vikas Rana wrote:

Vikas Rana wrote:

cgarrard wrote:

Vikas Rana wrote:

cgarrard wrote:

Vikas Rana wrote:

A lot more camera than the A58 in so many respects, but not much more either.

"While Canon and Nikon certainly dominate the high-end DSLR game, Pentax has quietly been churning out excellent consumer-grade DSLRs at affordable prices for years. The K-50 is the culmination of those efforts, showing a vast improvement over older affordable Pentax models like the K-r or the K-x. Available in dozens of fetching colors and designs, the K-50 still offers serious performance, excellent control, and is fully weather-sealed—a feature far too many consumers overlook when shopping for a DSLR. (MSRP $699.95)

Read our full review of the Pentax K-50 here "

Both cameras offer a lot of value, and they are wholly different choices. One has a high end OVF/weather sealing (and more) the other a high end EVF and lower price. If I were a new DSLR buyer I'd be looking at those two cameras.

Its funny to me that you are talking about spending $699 on an OVF based DLSR...

There that looks better ^

$583.65 brand new with a better weather sealed kit lens, non rotating front element, weather sealed body, dual control wheels, better sensor than the A58, Jpeg engine that blows away the A58's, much more functionality and customization, much better build quality, 2 battery options, .... who needs to mention the 100% accurate .92x OVF, faster top shutter speed, in camera raw development, etc etc etc.

You can say what you will, but the K50 is a better deal than you found amigo - unless you must have an evf. The A58 is a good bargain for an EVF camera, but not as much as the K50 is today.

Spare me your EVF rant, both the ovf and evf have pro's and cons and I like them both. In each category though the K50 is the best value of its category and offers a lot more camera to grow into than the A58 despite the fact the A58 is already a pretty darn good camera/deal.


May be you are correct or I may need to do some R&D but pentax not available in my country so really it doesn't make any sense to me to spending hundreds of dollaarrrs just to pay the shipping and import taxes on a product that is not available world-wide...!

K-50 vs A57, A58, A65, A77 (Pentax stands far away from SLTs)

  1. A77 is also weather sealed with 12fps burst rate.

Cost 3x as much as the K50 does when introduced.

  1. 1080p @ 30fps only, A65, A77 can shoot at 60fps

Both again, much more expensive than the K50 was. So I see you took the entire point of the article, and the conversation we had, and turned it into a new childish argument completely.

  1. No external mic jack, All SLT have mic jacks

All SLT vs the K50 now eh.

  1. Only 16mp. A58 is 20mp, A65/A77 is 24mp

1 camera versus 3 cameras to make your point on some new argument you created in your head.

  1. Smaller viewfinder (0.61x) than A58 (0.65x), A65 (0.71x)

I never argued the viewfinder wasn't good on the A58, and none of the cameras above have an OVF either - this isn't a debate about ovf vs evf, the orginal discussion (if  you have the capability to stay  on topic..)

  1. 92% Below average viewfinder coverage, All SLT have 100% coverage

See above comment

  1. No In-Camera Panorama in K-50, ALL SLT have panorama

Point to the A58, I also said the A58 offered a good value didn't I? However on that pano, its full of stitching errors. Good luck printing any of those. Good for web use though.

  1. No Continuous video focus in K-50, Lock-On focus in A58


  1. Again CDAF vs PDAF

Again? Must have missed the first time. The K50 has both.

  1. No flip-out screen, All SLT screens can flip-out at some angles

True but the K50's is larger and more detailed than the A58's - by some measure. Call it a tie.

  1. Low battery, Only 410shots vs 690 shots of A58

You aren't paying attention. The K50 has TWO battery choices, 4 AA's or the standard Li-Ion. With 4 AA rechargeable eneloops, its more like 800-900 shots on the K50.

  1. Lesser lenses are available, Sony have more than 400 lenses including old minolta and maxxum lenses

Pentax has the entire 27 million K mount lenses ever made available for the K50

  1. Quite heavy, K-50 weight around 650grams where as A58 is only 492grams

LOL. Thats's because the A58 is made of normal plastic, the K50 is high grade polycarb with a metal frame inside, plus its weather sealed. I'll take the extra 157 measly grams in my hand for that :).

  1. Cannot Take 3D photos, Except A58 all SLTs are capable of 3D photos

Nope the K50 cant.

  1. Shutter speed does not stand in front of A57, A65, A77.. only 6fps vs 8 to 12fps

Wrong, the K50's high end shutter speed is 1/6000th of a second, the A57's is 1/4000th and A65's is 1/4000th, the A58's (the camera I thought you were comparing here...) is 1/4000th of a second

  1. again OVF vs OLED EVF

3rd  time you mentioned the same point.

Lolz.. I could not stop laughing on K-50 while writing the above points!!!

I counted 3 real things the A58 has as a slight advantage, and I could write a longer list the K50 has over the A58. But I've spent enough time replying to you. Enjoy your A58.

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