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Re: Please clarify. Do you mean Sony buying the imaging division, or all of Oly?

Corkcampbell wrote:

Sony has said before that they want to diversify and also said that their investment in Olympus is because of the medical sensor (or whatever it's called) business, not Oly's camera operations. So, what's the point? I doubt if Sony stockholders would want yet another money-losing camera operation, so a purchase of Oly by Sony would not necessarily be good news for many on this forum. It might mean spinning off the camera division...which could mean its demise. That's basically what Konica Minolta did with their dSLR/lens operations when they sold it to Sony. Who would pick up Oly's camera division?

Olympus is the "Canon PLUS Nikon" of the Endoscope industry, enjoying an 70% market share. The other 30% mostly belongs to Pentax (and I think this division still belongs to Hoya, and wasn't part of the deal with Ricoh).

Olympus is also a leader in other medical and scientific devices, including microscopes, surgical devices, analyzers, and surgical imaging devices. Believe it or not, the dollar value of this business exceeds that of the consumer digital imaging market, and is highly profitable.

Sony wants a piece of this market. Which is probably a pretty smart thing to do, considering how the population is ageing and healthcare costs are skyrocketing. So I'd say you are right. Sony has no desire to acquire Olympus' camera business, they just like having Olympus as a customer for their sensors. And they want to get some medical device technology from them....

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