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Almost funny

HBowman wrote:

Rather relevant Harold.

Reality check:

Ah that old trick to use words to preface a post that is going to be completely free of that word. Your post is so "off the chart" and "reality free" despite being so forceful with its words  that it is almost funny

( do not get too excited , I said almost ..)

APS-C is the cheap way, an ancient artefact from film days. When this format was introduced in film days, what a mess it was. I never heard, apart from (some) sport or (some) wildlife shooters, that APS-C was a good thing, never ever.

Yes, so what ? APS format in the film times was a half-baked attempt to create a new market and it failed miserably but who cares?

contrary to 35mm sensors, no digital APS camera pretend that their goal was to perpetuate some kind of continuity with existing lenses or accessories so the history of it is completely irrelevant, except maybe to some marketing gurus that decided it was good to resurrect the word APS in their brochures

This was the move of some brands to go in the "massmarket". A cropped format made to sell more only. Then it was introduced in digital world and vanished in the time like ancient legends;

Seriously ? are you contending that 35mm sensors DSLR are selling in higher number that their APS counterparts ?  Look at ANY brand and you will see  that this is quite the opposite

mass market buyer (even today) think that their APS-C DSLR is a top notch "true camera", and it is wrong.

Says who ? who made you the judge ? and anyway what does it matter what each buyer thinks of their cameras ? Your disdain toward " mass market buyer" seems almost condescending

This is the remain of a very bad idea from film, based only to reduce cost.

Really ? have you heard also of weight and size ?

It may come as a surprise to you but if you were to check prices of latest mirorless offerings in both APS  and micro 4/3rds it would become clear that lots of users are willing to pay same prices and even higher to have SMALLER  and LIGHTER cameras or has this reality escape you as well?

With today technology, bayer APS-C sensors are excellent. They fill the needs of mass market shooters, sport shooters and wildlife shooters. They also fill the needs of ppl who do not have the money to buy a full frame camera because, seriously, this is the major break for most people : Money.

ah disdain again and it seems to me that the above paragraph contradicts your point . but YES indeed you are right on this one . APS size sensors DSLR are the most succesful in the world market

Some years ago, buying a FF camera was a huge jump in a house. First because wife do not agree that you put THAT amount of money in a so little device and second, because the FF lenses was very expensive...

Cannot comment on the first part since I am not married .as to the second part , good 35mm lenses are still pricey if they are bright . But again , you seem to be so obsessed with the money side of the equation that you are forgetting again these pesky other two criteria : SIZE  & WEIGHT

This is not true anymore. One of the best lenses in the world are full frame lenses and gess what ? There is the 85mm f1.8 AFS-G from Nikon (less than 500$) and the 35mm f1.4 from SIGMA ... The real format for photography is 24x36 and over, period.

So what ? each format has some very good lenses. fail to see how it proves the point that ONLY 35mm sensor is the answer

And Sony (minolta...) is here to lead the way back to "real" photography with a real camera having a real format : 24x36 at a cheap price.

Ha REAL photography  versus , I guess , fake one . waouh the chip on your shoulder is getting big. People will notice that blasting the  R word in your sentence does not make it less subject to being disagreed upon ...

This is the time were digital age tend to erase the old error of APS-C, a bad born thing (really useful only for ppl who need it aka wildlife/sport/paparazi shooters, who need range.

waouh, you should go out more often . Now REally ...

and also look at the sales numbers for APS sized DSLR versus 35mm DSLR..

This is a sign. Foveon technology is on something, SIGMA know it. When the patent will go public, this something may go out of SIGMA hands for real.

I can almost see the smoke  coming out

If tomorrow I give the possibility to every one here to have a FF camera with a good definition, ISO, DR and some superb cheap lenses to go with, at a modest price like what SONY is barely actually doing, who will say no ??? Seriously ...

Probably 80% of the market or more who do not feel the need to drag pounds of equipment when their needs can be fulfilled by stuff cheaper , lighter and smaller

you know REAL world concerns  


Pictures we output out of a 24x36 sensor are much better than any APS-C as well as pictures we output of (not croped) medium format are much better than any 24x36. DOF, transitions, colors ... bigger sensor bring only advantages to a photographer.

ONLY advantages ?

well at least you are consistant with your ignoring the size and weight factor. who knows maybe you have someone carry your equipment for you

That would explain your being so oblivious of the obvious  LOL

Fortunately most people on these forums are  more aware of reality


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