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The Sony sensor has saved M4/3 from oblivion

M4/3 was heading into oblivion after having eight cameras based on the ageing and inadequate Panasonic 12MP sensor that first appeared in the E30 back in 2008. The final four 4/3 cameras also used this obsolete sensor.

Then, four years later the EM5 appeared with a brand new Sony 16MP 4/3 sensor, and the rest is history.

The EM5 was an instant hit, going on to garner high praise from reviewers and racking up several awards and accolades. The EM5 was a game changer for M4/3. I say this knowing it will create angst among the Panasonic fans, but it is the absolute truth. Without Sony sensors, M4/3 would be struggling today, and no one would take the system seriously.

The improvement over the Panasonic sensor was so huge that even Panasonic used it in their GH3 later in 2012. In 2013, Panasonic created their own 16MP 4/3 sensor that finally caught up. Well, perhaps "almost caught up" because the nearly two year old Sony sensor still seems to outperform the latest Panasonic sensor.

If you doubt this, just visit ebay and look at all the bargain prices for used or even brand new in the box EP1, EP2, and EP3 cameras. You literally have to give one away to get rid of it. Now, try to find a good price on a used EPM2, EPL5, or EM5. It can be done, but it is pretty rare to find one selling at a big discount. Before Panasonic could introduce their outstanding GX7 cameras, they had to clear out their GX1 cameras at fire sale prices, because it had their first generation 16MP sensor which also couldn't compete with Sony's version.

Personally, I'm thrilled that Olympus found a better sensor supplier, and formed a technology sharing alliance with them. There is no way this can be considered a bad thing for M4/3 users. This new sensor even forced Panasonic to build better sensors, so it benefited all M4/3 users, not just those who have Olympus cameras.

You can say a lot of things about Sony, but the one thing you cannot say is they don't know how to build good sensors. Just ask the people who use Nikon D4 or Pentax K5 cameras.

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