I love my NEX but...

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Re: I love my NEX but... well it is quite capable really

Tom Caldwell wrote:

SpamJavelin wrote:

I can post a bunch of photos where I missed the shot due to slow AF but that wouldn't make sense. Shooting in sports arenas with the 55-210 was hopeless on AF and forced me to use manual - with some good results in the end, but it was very frustrating. Using the 18-105 withf/4.0 may have helped a bit.
Most of my stills are in the 28-50mm range, video 100-150mm.

I don't follow the crazy Sony NEX numbering system but I think that the NEX5N is some sort of slightly earlier version of the NEX6 without the evf. If it is - then I have a NEX6. Straight away if you read the NEX6 manual there seems a lot of caveats in how the on-camera phase detect works and it only works with certain lenses.

The 5n doesn't have PDAF. The later model, 5r, does, and is most like the 6.

I also don't know how fast the 55-210 is at 210, or how well lit the sports arenas, but any lens slower than about f2.8 has to be starting to struggle a bit. You are doing well with the 105/4.0 but at lesser reach perhaps the slower shutter speeds are easier to accommodate.

Used on my Nex-5, the 55-210 was a problem with low light but on the Nex-6, it's like a new lens. Very responsive, at least for the stage events I used it with.  The only thing I compromise on is having to use high ISO.  Well, and it is not at it's best at 210mm/f6.3.  But if you can use it indoors at shorter focal lengths, the quality is good, and given the light loss of the la-ea2, I'm not sure it's worth the bother of getting an amount lens at f4 or f4.5 In that range. Although, I'm tempted to get the ea2...

Then also bear the thought that shooting sports arenas on an lcd-only driven camera with a lens capable of 210mm requires some technical skill, even if the optional evf is in use. ..

The OSS on the 55-210 is impressive.

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