DSLR versus Mirror-less Cameras

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Re: DSLR versus Mirror-less Cameras

vinodsood wrote:

I am planning to buy a new camera. I am a hobbyist, has been using a compact point & shoot till now. Want to now upgrade. I am confused between DSLR and Mirror-less camera options. Would like some advice, pros and cons for both. Also any inputs on Sony mirror-less NEX series ?

i was in your same situation about a year ago and i went for the NEX6, my 2 cents

i get great image quality, i sent my grandmother a 60X40cm canvas print of a family gathering photo i took, and the print came from a slight crop. so no complains there. she loves it.

the camera size great, i can take it with me almost everywhere, a friend of mine with a D5100 have to think about taking his camera when going out. taking his camera is a chore, while taking my NEX is like carrying an accessory therefore my shutter count is much more than his. the most important thing to improve your photography is to take more pictures, a mirrorless will help with that.

on the downside, my friend gets more respect carrying his camera with the kit lens than me. On a trip, my dad actually asked my friend to take his picture with the "pro-camera" (D5100 with the kit lens) while i was taking his picture with my NEX6 with the 50mm 1.8, i laughed about it, but it burned a little. don't underestimate this, the perception of "Pro" is important to a lot of photographers (specially wedding photographers) someone with a nikon D7000 and a small lens will get much more respect than me with the NEX6 while two cameras have an identical sensor. this however can be a positive if you do more street photography or need to blend in and not make heads turn.

the biggest downside of NEX cameras is the price premium, you pay more for the NEX than a comparable Dslr and you get smaller battery life.

batteries, chargers, accessories cost more than comparable models for DSLRs.

for lenses you pay a lot more,

the second hand market for sony can't even touch the market for canon and nikon.

if you think bang-for-buck a DSLR is better; if size is important to you, the price premium is justifiable (it is for me anyways)

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