Fotodiox x Novoflex x Voigtlander: M-mount adapter cagematch

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Re: Fotodiox x Novoflex x Voigtlander: M-mount adapter cagematch

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How did you shim the adapter?

If you want an accurate hard stop on infinity, the only solution is shimming the adaptor. I have made the choice of cheaper adaptors so I could purchase one per lens and then shim it accurately. Since it is dedicated to a specific lens, it never is dissassembled and therefore does not deteriorate.


I remove the steel plate of the adaptor on the lens side (usually 3 or 4 screws), then place little strips of adhesive tin/aluminum foil evenly around inside the adaptor, around the screw holes. I then reassemble the top, and check the infinity setting. If it still is not accurate, I repeat the operation. I usually have to place 2 or 3 layers of foil to get an accurate infinity setting, this is a trial and error procedure.

The Focus Assist magnification helps finding the infinity point easily, the time consuming part is the number of iterations you need to get the number of layers of foil right.

For what it's worth: short lenses have a shallow depth of focus so the shim has a larger affect on the focus scale. If shimmed accurately with a short lens it should be equally accurate with a longer lens.

I just found back a link to a more graphical explanation of the procedure.


Just double-checking -- you remove the lens side? I had thought it was body side (and, as best as I can see in the link, it looks like the body side there).

Anyhow, these manufactures should just include a few shims.

fwiw, when I tried to shim, it turned out my tiniest glasses Phillips head screwdriver was still too big. I'd rather just have an adapter that reaches infinity out-of-the-box (and plenty of people seem to have them).

Yes, it is the lens side. There usually is no plate to remove on the mount/body side.

No manufacturer offers a shimming possibility, except for the helicoid types of adapters. But the prices are not the same as standard adaptors.

The tools to use for photography hardware just are not regular tools. The phillips screwdriver do not have the correct angle, so you ought to use JIS screwdriver types (see

If you think that it is possible to have an adaptor "that reaches inifinty out-of-the-box", I do not see why you should hesitate to purchase one. I am only advising based on my personal experience. If I had found adaptors that do not require either a shim or focus setting, I certainly would have purchased them...

With regards to the lack of accuracy of "ow cost chinese" adaptors, most of the manufacturers are equipped with either high-level accuracy lathes or CNC, so there is no reason why they should not be as accurate as the top-notch companies. The quality of materials used being, of course, a totally different matter.


I am old enough to remember how people used to laugh at and deride the Japanese manufacturers for low cost and therefore sub-standard products. Now the Japanese companies rule the camera world (or almost) and people look askance at anything not made in Japan or Germany (the latter presumably because they are expensive and therefore must be good).

Japanese cars - junk, made with chopsticks. Same thing with Korean made cars - junk, just differently shaped chopsticks. We have to draw the line between the blinkered knee jerk response and the reality on the ground. Things have changed and it is the US car industry that had to be bailed out.

Standard practice has been to dismiss Chinese gear as being made in backyard sweat shops with foot powered leathes and re-cycled tinplate. I am not an apologist for Chinese made and there are still a lot of low priced articles coming out of China but they are not all sub-standard. Many excellent quality products can be had if you buy selectively as any prudent person might do. It is human nature to want to buy a bargain, but that bargain must also be of exemplary quality lest it get tagged as cheap and nasty. If it is expensive then it is bound to be good and safe and nobody got fired for recommending IBM. But the real world is more complex than this.

Recent talk of helicoid adapters - I have the Yeenon M42 to NEX for a while now - it works perfectly and I doubt if you could find any other anywhere of higher quality manufacture. The Yeenon "Yi Neng" DKL to M42 adapters that I have are miracles of precise engineering using the highest quality material. They are expensive by Chinese standards but worth "every cent". Yeenon are not alone I have bought others but I have not bought any Chinese adapters made with sub-standard materials with the possible exception of some ultra cheap LTM-LM conversion rings that were more a slight machining problem for fit (they did fit but you had to be careful with the fit angle).

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