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Re: I read a lot here that I am going to enjoy

RoelHendrickx wrote:

I read a lot here about the E-M1 that I am going to enjoy, once my upgrade path brings me to this camera.

For now, the E-5 is still satisfying all my FT needs. (And a few other cameras keep me busy when I feel like using something else...)

And in µFT territory, I seem to be one of those who actually really keep enjoying the E-M5.

I've never had any issue with its ergonomics, apart from some inadvertent pushing of buttons or turning of dials (but that is mostly my own fault, particularly the fault of the way I drape cameras on my body : not with a strap around my neck but bouncing on my shoulders).

I agree that the OM-5, OM-D - whatever, even Olympus itself seems to get confused -is an eminently capable little cameras BUT those buttons really are tiny and closely spaced, and the dials really are a bit too easy to turn.  So I'm not sure its always your fault when the wrong button gets pushed Roel.

And if you'd been up the hill behind the house with me an hour before sunup (which happens around 8:40 AM this time of year here) looking for comet Ison, you would NOT have wanted to try to use the OM-5/OM-D. It wasn't all that cold - merely -28C, but with the wind chill that was -38C...almost the magic -40 where Fahrenheit and Celsius meet.

The EM-1, I was happy to discover, was actually somewhat usable with trigger-finger mitts.

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