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Re: Sony "DSLR"

OpticsEngineer wrote:

If you don't believe Sony is calling their cameras DLSRs now, take a look at this link. When you get there, "DSLR" appears six times at least. (in the link itself, "dslr" appears three times.) If you click around the website, DSLR is all over it now.

Does it matter? Not to me, I really don't care what the camera is called. But I think it mattered a lot to Sony marketing when they figured out they were losing camera sales because people didn't know Sony sold cameras that were competitve to DSLRS.

I really think that for 90% of users (family and vacations shooters) if they understood the advantages of the DSLT technology, they would buy them over Canon and Nikon DSLRs. So Sony was correct to try to do something to highlight the unique advantages of their cameras. The "DSLT" name didn't seem to work out though. It seems like all new marketing materials for Sony use "DSLR."

I did notice however your links were to UK sites. I am looking at the USA site. Maybe it is a US/UK difference.

Interesting to see the difference - must be a US /European thing. Big DSLR all over the site and SLT all over the UK site.

I agree it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things although if people want to understand why Sony SLTs have 'this crappy evf thing' / 'this great evf thing' (depending on persons point of view) then an explanation of why it is not quite exactlythe same as a traditional dslr might help. 

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