Fotodiox x Novoflex x Voigtlander: M-mount adapter cagematch

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Re: Fotodiox x Novoflex x Voigtlander: M-mount adapter cagematch

Letsgokoulos wrote:

GXRuser wrote:


The adapter is part: ASTAT-NEX

Here is a link at the Novoflex site. It is in the middle of the page under accessories and if you click the picture it will show the adapter with a long lens attached to a Red NEX 5 (?)

The tripod collar is manufactured to tight tolerances and will only fit the Novoflex adapters on the smooth portion of the adapter's barrel.

It will not fit either the NEX SEL50f18 (62mm diameter) or the SEL55210 (63.8mm diameter). It did not fit the Voigtlander Leica M to NEX adapter.

My measurement of the internal diameter of the Voigtlander tripod collar was around 59 mm.

Does anyone know of a tripod collar that has an internal diameter of 62 to 64mm that I can use to mount the SEL55210 to a tripod?

This is a reason to use any of the Sony A-mount adapters with a Long (or Macro) Minolta Maxxum or Sony Alpha lens to the NEX (or A7). All four of the adapters have a tripod mount.

Thank you, I hope this information can be useful for others too.

With regards to a collar for the SEL 55-210mm, I am using the lens without collar. I also use the original SEL 18-200mm on the tripod mount of either the Nex-3 or the Nex-5N without problems. I have decided this is the limit (525g) I would impose to the camera tripods mount, anything heavier requires a tripod mount on the adapter.


All my big Canon lenses have a tripod mount movable ring on the lens itself (complete with detent stops), must be better still.  Where it gets more problematical  is for the lump of a lens such as the Canon EF 85/1.2 but Metabones "rides to the rescue" with a built in tripod mount in its electronic adapters.  Possibly more problematical was the use of the selfsame lens on a Canon dslr body and attached via the battery pack tripod mount.  But I guess if you are strong enough to wield a dslr and battery pack combination by hand then the 85/1.2 is a "mere trifle" and it is a fast enough combination to hardly need "tripoding".

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